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President Taylor
President Taylor
40 Channel CB Radio


Sirio Tornado
Sirio Tornado
5/8 Wave Ground Plane


Ranger RCI-69FFB4
Ranger 69FFB4
All Mode 10 Meter Mobile


Wilson 305FLAG
Wilson 305FLAG
T2000 10" Shaft Am. Flag


We no longer handle any Solarcon products. They once again have raised the prices on they're products, and we will no longer be selling them. We strive to bring quality products to our customers at a fair price, and do not feel that Solarcon (and it's parent company) hold those values as we do. If something should change in they're pricing program, and it once again is at a fair price we will offer those products.

Authorized dealer for Maco, Gizmotchy, Ranger, Sirio, and many more.