Anderson Radio Supply

About us

We started Anderson Radio Supply in 1979, in a utility shed in Florida. It wasn't called Anderson Radio Supply at the time, but in those days we weren't in Anderson. We offered CB Radio supplies for less than anybody, and we also worked on CB Radios. From that humble little shop to where we are now is an amazing transfomation. We came to Anderson in 2003, and began a CB Shop in Sandy Springs, SC, and from there to where we have our offices now, where we have been for almost 12 years. After all those years we still have one goal. To offer our customers the lowest price, and great service.

We have a retail store at 4450 Hwy 24, in Anderson, SC. (See map) We also have a repair shop however, for peak & tunes, channel conversions, and repairs. We are also a web retailer, with the lowest prices, fastest shipping, and the best customer service. We are authorized dealers of President, & Stryker radios, Jogunn, Maco, Gizmotchy, Sirio, Skipshooter, and Isotron antennas, among other brands. We have woked hard to continue to bring you the best brands, at the lowest prices and will continue to do so. We thank everyone of our customers past and present for making us what we are today, and we will continue to earn your support, and business, by bringing you the lowest prices, honest service, and the best customer service in the business.

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