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Gizmotchy G61

Gizmotchy G61
6 Element Beam
In Stock

  • 6 Elements Hor., 6 Elements Vert.
  • Dual Coax Feed
  • 20 1/4' Boom Length
  • 20 dB Gain
  • 50X Power Multiplication
  • 34 dB Gain Front To Back
  • 13 3/4' Turn Radius
  • 8.4 Sq. Feet Wind Load Surface Area
  • 1.5 KW Power Handling

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Going up with the Gizmotchy G65

Thanks to KD7VAP & KT4VIC for the photo.

Another ARS customer raising a Gizmotchy 6 element beam from ARS! When it finally rests in it's permanent spot, this station will be heard! How about you?

It's antenna raising season folks, get busy!