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RM Italy KL703

RM Italy KL703
10 Meter Amplifier
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The KL703 is a new 500W linear Amplifer for use between 25 and 30 MHz, (developed for the 10m amateur radio band). It can be used for all types of narrow band modulation, (SSB, CW, AM, FM and Data). It is particularly suitable for portable / in-car operation as it requires a power supply voltage of 13.8 Vdc. The KL703 requires around 30W for maximum output power. The harmonic output is better than -55 dB. The KL703 also features an RX preamp that can be used to increase the readability of weak signals.

  • Operating frequency: 25-30MHz
  • Modes: SSB, CW, AM, FM, DATA
  • 50 Amp Draw
  • 16x RM3 MOSFET Transistors
  • 1-35 Watt Max Input Power
  • 500 Watt Max Output
  • Does not include power cable

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