Anderson Radio Supply
Superstar SS148

Ranger SS148PRO
300 Watt 10 Meter Mobile


For those operators who want brute power, but no SSB/FM the new Superstar SS148PRO is the radio for you!

  • AM/PA Modes
  • 300 Watt 10 Meter Radio
  • Built In Echo & Variable Power
  • Blue Lit Large Galaxy Style Meter
  • 3 Stage Dimmer Control
  • Comes With Ranger Noise Canceling Mic
  • Built-In SWR Meter & SWR Alert
  • Instant Channel 19 Switch
  • Bottom Mounted Heatsink
  • 6 Bands of 40 channels
  • Mic Gain
  • RF Gain
  • NB/ANL Switch

Notice: 10 Meter Radios are intended for use by licensed amateur radio operators only.

10 Meter Radios are Factory warranty only! Returns and warranty work are to be handled by the respective manufacturer, and not ARS.